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DARPA Plans to Invest $2 Billion in AI Research

DARPA Plans to Invest $2 Billion in AI Research

September 25, 2018

        On September 5th of this year, DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, announced they would invest 2 billion dollars to drive more artificial intelligence research and development. DARPA announced this large investment on their 60th anniversary of existence as a government agency.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is responsible for the development of upcoming technologies for the military. It’s also known as the “department of mad scientists” because of all their creations. They have more than 20 programs researching artificial intelligence.  

   What is artificial intelligence? Also known as AI; is the code placed into machines to allow them to generate and act like humans and perform human abilities.

            Countries like China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany are it’s the way of leading AI research. China’s governors reported that “By 2030, our country will reach a world leading level in artificial intelligence theory….”. These countries are all competing to be the one to drive AI forward.

DARPA is not the only group investing money into AI. The Trump administration is creating an Artificial Intelligence center. The Trump administration said they would support AI development and research by giving companies access to unnamed government data.

DARPA wants to focus on designing a system that can explain itself. For example, when a question is given it should be able to give a clear answer and explain how and why they got that answer. The piece of equipment should be able to follow orders and communicate with others.  The process of learning should be similar to how humans learn, this might be the biggest challenge yet.

   “If we get positive results and they’re important, and they’re relevant to the military and national security, we’re not going to stop”John Everett, the deputy director of DARPA stated. If the growth of AI goes as planned they may invest more money into the project.

   DARPA wants to create a system that has common sense, that can create its own answers.They are hoping to get this result using the 2 billion dollars that is now available to them.

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