Is This the End of YouTube?

Megan Watson, Staff Writer

Youtube, an American video sharing website, was first started in 2005 with one simple goal: To find the best video in the world. Youtube has come so far, but now we are wondering, is this the END of the website?

Youtube claims that they will not shut the website down until they find the winner of their contest. They have a contest going where they go through every video and select a winner based on their favorite, the most views.

So here is some controversy that has been going on with youtube and many of the creators. Youtube has been getting several notifications of creator’s videos losing monetization status all at once. According to Google, Monetization is the process of converting or establishing into legal tender (money). This led to people believing that Youtube has changed their “ad friendly” content policy, which means YouTube is filtering your video to make it more appropriate for their liking. Though, the Youtube management quickly responded to say that nothing changed in their policy, but they did change their notification system. Creators started putting two and two together and they noticed that Youtube had been taking away the monetization of the videos all along and not letting the creators know.

At this point, the creators got frustrated with the management for not informing them on what was going on.

A few people on Youtube lost their channels for certain amounts of time and were not aware to why this was happening. But soon after they figured out that Youtube had been taking away the monetization in videos, they noticed that they lost their channel because Youtube didn’t like how much bad content they had in their videos.

People have many thoughts about the Youtube platform coming to an end. “If Youtube ended, I would be very sad because something that I do a lot when I’m bored is watch youtube and I look up to some of the creators on there” said Emily DeJesus, a seventh grader here at Dana Middle School.

“Sadly, if YouTube shuts down, all of the creators will lose their job and have to find another one. They will obviously be really disappointed because many creators express how much they love making videos, and when that ends, they won’t be happy anymore” Emily added. This shows that many creators can agree they will be very upset if the Youtube platform ends.

So if Google decides to shut down Youtube and no longer accept people to the website, many people will be sad and a lot of creators will have to find new jobs.