The New iPhones: Are they worth the cost?


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Apple is a big company releasing new stuff all the time, like iPhones, Computers, and other electronic devices. But, recently Apple has made two new iPhones, which are fixes to the iPhone X.

The new iPhones are the iPhone XR and the XS. The XR released on the 21st of September, 2018, and costs $749.99. The XR has the same main features as the iPhone X, like Face ID. Face ID is a way to turn on your iPhone by just looking at the screen. How this works is the phone can recognize your face by going to settings and setting it to open when you look at it.

Another big feature is the display of the iPhoneXR. The display of the iPhoneXR is amazing compared to other iPhones like the iPhone 8. This iPhone has a pixel range of 326 per inch.
With the new iPhone XR comes the data chip which is called the A12 Bionic which is the smartest and most powerful chip in an iPhone. Why this chip is so advanced is how it perform 15% faster than there the last model and save up to 50% more power since there last mobile, the A11.

My personal favorite feature of this is the graphics coming from this new chip, which is 50% better than the A11. This iPhoneXR comes in the colors black, red, blue, yellow, and coral. The XR can withstand water for up to 30 minutes 1 meter down.

Now on to the XS, which comes in regular and Max. The phone is mostly the same as the XS but a few different features which put it at the price of $999.99-$1049.99. Some of those features are that it has the largest display than any other iPhone. Also, it displays is made for 4k videos and the speed of 60 frames per second.

The final main feature for this iPhone is the photo technology. The phone is made to take photos in any style like portrait style. And after taking photos, you won’t need to worry about space because it can hold up to 512GB of space.The XR cost $749.99 while the XS cost $999.99, and the XS Max cost $1049.99.

Are these upgrades worth the price? Comment below!