Starbucks Branches Out to Italy!



The exterior of the newest Starbucks in Italy. Courtesy of CNN

Arianna Cau, News Editor

On September 7th, 2018, Starbucks opened their first Italian shop in Milan, Italy.

Starbucks is branching out, out to a place where coffee is everywhere. Italians drink a lot of coffee, and have strong opinions about this. Business owner in Italy, Cristian Marone, said “If I ever went to Starbucks, I would feel like a number, not a customer”  to NPR. Other business owners aren’t scared of the competition and say they are ready for the challenge.

Starbucks started to branch out worldwide in 1987 in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, they have opened stores all over the world, such as ones in Japan, England, and Saudi Arabia. The one place they didn’t touch was Italy, until recently.  Starbucks is slowly taking over the world of coffee, they have over 28,000 stores in 76 countries and growing with around 2,800 in California.

Italians drink coffee a lot different than Americans do, and their coffee shops are very different. First of all, coffee shops and bars are the same thing in Italy and are both open all the time, while in America they are two separate things and they are open at different times (coffee shops are usually open from the morning to early afternoon and bars are usually open from late afternoon to late evening). Italian coffee is also a lot stronger than American Coffee, and has less cream and sugar. Italians also drink more coffee than Americans, according to BBC they drink about 5.8kg or around 13 pounds of coffee per year. They also don’t have the crazy flavors that Starbucks offers.

Italy’s Starbucks has a different menu than America’s menu, to go along with the different way Italians drink coffee. This Starbucks has over 100 drinks, according to BBC of all ranges. This Starbucks also has included alcoholic beverages to go along with where they get there coffee, the bars. They have also excluded the Frappuccinos from the menu as well as the flavors, being that in Italy coffee has only one flavor, coffee. There is only one kind of cold drink, which is the cold brew and the alcoholic beverages. Their food menu is also different because instead of sandwiches and yogurt, they have pastries, bread and pizza.

This new Starbucks is built inside of a post office that is a landmark there. The inside is ⅓ of a soccer pitch, which is over 120 by 130 square feet. Inside there is a roastery, 1 of 3 that they have all over the world. The inside mostly has wood as the main style with green accents like green chairs or a green roastery. There is also a few tourist attractions around the location. It is near the Milan Cathedral, the Royal Place and the Sforza Castle, according to The New York Times.

Interior of Milan, Italy’s Starbucks. Courtesy of Wall Street Journal.

Americans also have an opinion on this subject,  8th Grade Mia Brusick says, “I think its cool, if Italians want Starbucks, they can get Starbucks.”

Starbucks is taking the world of coffee by storm from this new development. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have already done it all around the world. Starbucks will soon be part of that roster of companies who have a large global presence.