Should Our Bladders Have A Limit?


An example of a bathroom pass used at a middle school.

Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Recently, on August 20, 2018, a bathroom policy went viral on several news websites, which include Memphis news and Fox News, causing an angry uproar from the parents. The bathroom policy indicates that a student is only allowed to be excused from class only twice during a 30 day period. Many parents agreed with the teachers, but just as many decided to throw rude insults causing an even louder uproar from teachers.

Numerous people have said that teachers are treating students unfairly, when students should be given as many free bathroom passes as the child needs. Some parents are even telling their kids to walk out of the classroom, if the students have to use the restrooms, that they should ignore the teacher when they try to give them detention.

What really caused the anger and frustration is when a teacher sent home a note saying if the students did not abide by these rules, the students would be given detention and a poor grade to go with it. Many parents felt that this is the act of someone with, “control issues,” and “ no authority,” in their own home, they decide to use this against little children who will follow the direction given and not question the teachers.

The other side is asking what the parents would do if they were in the teacher’s shoes. Various schools are agreeing with these terms and many are agreeing with the parents. What does Dana Middle School have to say about the policies and the comments? Mr. Nava, band teacher teacher at Dana Middle School, says, “ … We’re all human, they’re human, we all need to use the restroom. We have to be allowed to go as long as we don’t abuse it, we can go.”

The teacher who sent the note was tired of her students abusing the policy, so she took the matter into her own hands, but did not think of what the outcome would be.

7th grade STEAM ELA  teacher, Ms. Kremenetsky said, “It’s a tough issue because, you want to make sure that the student is safe and healthy and is able to use the restrooms or go get water, make sure that they’re hydrated etc., but there are students that take advantage of that policy to get out of class and not get their work done, then they come back and they don’t have the assignment that needs to be finished, or I have their parent asking me why did so and so miss class. So really the main goal is for everyone to be in the classroom learning the lessons, doing what they need to do so that the students can receive further instruction from the teacher…”  

The students at Dana also agree with the some of the teachers. Lina Hernandez, sixth grader at Dana Middle School, when asked if students bathroom passes should be limited, responded with,  “Yes, because if your there too long you will miss too much class time that could help you for your future,” Ms. Hernandez, indicated that going to the bathroom for too long can mess with you in long game with assignments like tests, and who would want that when they need the grade?

While many students and teachers agreed with the teacher who sent the note, many disagree. Many teachers like Mr. Nava think that students should be free ranged when it comes to bathroom. Some students are even stuck between the two options. No one can really agree on everything, and this is one of those topics where there will always be one person to challenge. Social media is still debating whether this is a good thing or not and so are we. Should students bathroom passes be limited?