A Possible Solution to Ocean Pollution


Tanner Wymore, Staff Writer

We are always trying to find solutions to pollution in the world, we may have found a huge help to the clearing of the pollution in the world, but will it help?

The world is almost divided into groups of people that can halt the cleansing of ocean pollution, but there are a few things we can’t stop, and it’s because we’re human. Especially in America, we are affected by people who don’t stop and think about the trash they dropped, and on the other hand, we have people who care and know the harmful effects that trash can cause. We will never clear the ocean completely because of all our materialistic things that harm the word.

Boyan Slat, the 24 year old CEO of the organization called The Ocean Cleanup, thought of an idea that will help the world. The organization made a 2,000 foot long trash collector patch prototype that launched on September 8th in San Francisco.

The prototype has started some controversy, largely involving the question, will it really work? I know, the idea sounds a bit odd, a giant net? Giant nets have been used to collect schools of fish, how is that going to help? As it may affect ocean life in its current state, it will also help the ocean in the long run. The Earth at the moment isn’t doing so well on it’s own, and the ocean and everything inside is an asset to the world we cannot afford to lose. The ocean pollution is at such a bad point immediate action should have been taken years ago, but hey, better late than never.

There is so much trash in the ocean, we even have a patch of trash 2 times the size of Texas. As many are taking immediate action to clean pollution, the garbage patch idea starts to seem like a step in the right direction.

7th grader Tiger-Lily, when asked if this might motivate people to help with cleaning trash, responded, “ umm… yes and no, it might motivate some people but other people just, don’t care.”  

Similarly, 7th grader Marco Fistikoglu, when asked if he thinks humans are capable of changing their views and help clean ocean pollution, stated, “I think we have the capability of cleaning ocean pollution but we probably won’t because most humans are greedy and don’t care about the world ”

The issue of harming fish in the case of cleaning the ocean and the lack of faith we have in fixing ocean pollution are big issues in the way, but we may start to be heading in the right direction.