New Spider-Man PS4 Game is #1 on the 2018 Best Game List


Photo taken by Marco Fistikoglu

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

On September 7th, a game by Sony for the PS4 called Spider-Man was listed as the #1 game of 2018. It sparked a conversation in the game and Spider-Man community. The gameplay time is approximately 20 hours and the game is full of action and adventure. Warning: possible spoilers for boss fights and gameplay.

The object of this game is to play as Spiderman and to help your boss, Dr. Octavius, with circuit mini-games and to earn lab coins. You can also help out your Aunt May with her job at F.E.A.S.T, a homeless center. But when you hear a distress call, you can quickly zip into your Spider-Man gear. While you are Spider-Man, you can collect crime tokens by syncing your suit with your friends’ FBI crime towers to get local crime information. You can also go perform boss fights and progress in the story.

The game has a total of nine main villains, including King Pin, Mister Negative, Scorpion, Shocker, Rhino, Vulture, Electro, and Doctor Octopus.

While you are Peter, you can also explore the buildings where the story leads you to. You can walk around and explore secrets and helpful information on how to proceed in the story. When you go into Spider-Man mode, you can go on missions to kill enemies and level up. If you get enough crime tokens or level up enough, you can make a new suits that give you benefits and new special abilities. You can also use the tokens to get new spider gadgets, like web bombs, web tripwires, and even a spider drone that helps you fight villains. The game also has cut-scenes that show you the storyline and dialogue.

One of Spider-man’s gadgets.

Marco Fistikoglu, a Spider-Mantologest as he refers to himself, stated that, “All of the games based on Spider-Man so far have been pretty bad, but the new Spider-Man is amazing.” Many others agree with him. On YouTube, a ton of YouTubers create videos on the game and it looks and sounds like they enjoy the game.

Currently, Sony has only made this game available for the PS4, due to the games high definition. Hopefully, Sony plans to expand this games radius to other game consoles, like Nintendo and Xbox.

Based on the cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man, I suspect Sony is going to make a sequel that will continue the storyline and hopefully introduce us to new gadgets, suits, and villains.

Until then, take the time to master all the action-packed content in this new, amazing version of the Marvel classic…Spider-Man!