Get To Know Ms. Ito!


Sydney Delgado, Staff Writer

Ms. Ito is a 6th grade Steam Magnet teacher. She teaches math to roughly 170 6th grade STEAM students and an elective coding course during 6th period.

Ms. Ito was born and raised in Los Angeles. She described her childhood as nothing all that special and kind of boring. She went to school and was expected to get good grades. As extra curricular, Ms. Ito did piano and went to Japanese school. She wasn’t very fond of piano but loved Japanese school.

In high school, Ms. Ito described herself as quiet and shy and would hang out with a certain group of friends. Just like her childhood, she described high school as something to work for every day to be able to go to college.

Ms. Ito went to Cal State LA, where she majored in child development. She didn’t have much of an interest in becoming a math teacher but graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

As the beginning of her teaching career, Ms. Ito taught elementary for 15 years before moving over and teaching here at Dana Middle School. As of 2018, this will be her 16th year at Dana! That’s 21 years of teaching! “That’s pretty lit!” says 7th grade student, Bruce Cooper.

Some of her pet peeves in the classroom are when kids wear their hats and hoods indoors as well as gum chewing. 7th grader Sirena Rodriguez responds to this by saying, “Ms. Ito was cool, but sometimes she had to be strict on us.”

One of Ms. Ito’s hobbies is traveling, she has been to Brazil, Alaska, Japan, the Amazon River, and local places in California, as well as a road trip to Morro Bay.

Another one of Ms. Ito’s hobbies is reading. She likes reading Murder Mysteries and likes reading cozy Murder Mysteries, ones with a happy ending even though someone gets murdered in the beginning. She doesn’t read a specific author but she does enjoy reading books that her students read, and if she finds them interesting, she’ll get into the whole series. She is one for reading the book, but not so much for watching the movie.

Fun fact, did you know that Ms. Ito is a Leo? She was born on the 6th of August which would make her a Leo.

Another fun fact about Ms. Ito is that her favorite color is orange. Since her favorite colors change all the time, you could never expect the same answer each time you ask.

Ms. Ito’s advice to all incoming STEAM 6th graders is to be open and expect to learn new things.