The New Age of Television


Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

Television. It’s something that’s probably been around for your whole life, and what you have seen on it has probably influenced many of your actions given that a big part of even our entire society is consuming media. But TV itself is on a decline, and with this decline has come the rise of a new wave of watching your favorite shows of movies.

This “new wave” of TV would be the streaming service. A streaming service is at its core, a very simple, yet very amazing concept. A place where you can watch a wide variety of shows and movies, from virtually any device. And when executed right it works amazingly. Services like Netflix and Hulu have skyrocketed through the competition and achieved massive success, especially in recent years, and the reason for said achievements is simple, they do everything they need to do and more.

For example, Netflix has over 130 million users throughout the world, and it seems that Netflix is a part of almost every American household. At this point it’d be strange to see a person that doesn’t have Netflix, just like how a decade ago it’d be strange to see someone not paying for TV in their house.

But there’s no doubt in saying that TV is definitely behind when compared to a giant like Netflix. When you’re watching TV you can only tune in to whatever’s on at the time of viewing, but if you’re using Netflix you have access to thousands of shows and movies that are available at any time of the day, with this data it’s no surprise that Netflix receives more than a 100 million hours of watch time every day, all around the world.

Netflix also has a lot to offer exclusively. Offering amazing original films and series that usually don’t fail to deliver a fun viewing experience that only adds to the superiority of a subscription to Netflix.

However some TV channels are attempting to catch up to streaming services with channels such as HBO, CBS, and ESPN creating their own applications to freely stream things that aired on their channel previously, making it so shows are exclusively available to their service and or TV channel.

“I prefer Netflix over TV because you’re able to watch whatever you want whenever you want, and although the selection could be better there still are tons of shows.” said 7th grader Dewight Durr.

In the end there’s no doubt that normal TV is going away, however this change definitely isn’t much of a negative in any way. In fact the death of TV has only seemed to add more to the experience and availability of a show or movie on any device, at almost any time, in nearly any situation. So next time you want to watch TV, try a streaming service instead.