The World of Ms. Kremenetsky


Arianna Cau, News Editor

Ms. Kremenetsky, better known as Ms. K by her students, is a 7th Grade STEAM English Teacher here at Dana Middle School. She is currently 31 and has been at Dana for 3 years. She is also taking the torch as the Journalism Advisor.

Ms. K likes a lot of things, some more nerdy, some more active. Some of her hobbies are working out, going to art shows, and she also takes dance lessons. She wants to get into pottery to make her own tableware. Her favorite book is the original Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which is a Sci-Fi book that is for high school and college students. Her favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which she shows to students, and her favorite shows are “The Office” and “The Twilight Zone,” which she also shows to students. Her absolute favorite show is “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Ms. K also has many interests, some very different from her hobbies. Ms. K is very into social justice because she likes “making sure everyone is treated equally and that issues that affect people are important to solve,” as well as reading and culture. She is also interested in art. She says that she even worked in an art museum when she was in college. Ms. K likes to travel. Her favorite place that she has been to is New Orleans, Louisiana. She wants to go to Tokyo, Japan because, “Because of the food and kawaii things, the art style, the fashion, all of that,” and México City, México because “Because the art and the food and the music is really cool.”

Ms. Kremenetsky is also very goal-oriented in her classroom likes to make sure everyone is treated the same. She wants her classroom to be a safe learning environment and want students to know that they are going to be challenged. Some advice she gives to incoming 7th graders is to “Be ready to collaborate with your groups and work in a team. Take responsibility for when you mess up and propose ways to grow. Take that initiative and push yourself to further. And also check Schoology.”