Robotics Program at Dana: Join Now!

Robotics Program at Dana: Join Now!

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

The Dana Robotics club has started up this year with a new advisor, STEAM Science teacher, Mrs. Traylor. The Robotics team was founded by Mr. Nesbitt, an engineering and science teacher at Dana Middle School. While Mr. Nesbitt is no longer a teacher at Dana Middle School, his legacy lives on in the spirit of the Robotics club.

The purpose of the robotics club is to show students how to engineer robots, and to work together. Mrs. Traylor has a 6th period class and a after school class. In 6th period, she will only have about 3 teams, in the after school class there will only be one team.

In robotics, we will be doing two things this year for every semester. In the first semester, the after school class will be doing a project called, “H2ac Toyota”, which is a competition of racing hydrogen cars. Then for the next semester, we will be doing D.U.E.L. (Dana Under Engineering Lab), but for the 6th period class, they will be doing vex and the hydrogen car.

The Dana robotics meeting for after school are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Some of the history of robotics is that when robotics first started, there were only 3 people on the team, so Mr. Nesbitt only practices with a makeshift game field on the floor with masking tape. Then the next semester, more people came, so Mr. Nesbitt got vex pieces to make robotics more fun. Mr. Nesbitt says that, “I was constantly challenged and learning how to be a better mentor. I was excited to have support of the entire Dana community. I was glad to see returning students step into leadership roles and mentoring new team members.”

The new robotics teacher, Mrs. Traylor, took over robotics because her son was in robotics last year and begged her to do it again. Mrs. Traylor says that, “it was a scary day, crazy, and exciting for me.” When Mrs. Traylor joined, she started a new plan of doing a car race called H2ac Toyota, which is cars that run on Hydrogen Fuel.

So, if you want to join robotics, you can come Monday or Wednesday to apply. We are also will be doing bake sales to get money to buy supplies. If you want to donate, just talk to Mrs.Traylor in room 507 periods 1-5 or in 6th period you can find here in room 251, or you can email her at [email protected] .