Pewdiepie Has Competition In His Youtube Career


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Pewdiepie is a Swedish youtube channel with 66,482,800 subscribers, which is the most on the site. Pewdiepie produces comedy videos like his Meme Review, which is a review of memes like Bongo Cat. Another few are Pew News, which is Pewdiepie talking about the news, LIWAY where he goes to his fans to send his memes to look at, and other funny clips.

Also, Pewdiepie has had his title of the most subscribed channel on Youtube for 5 years straight, almost half of youtube lifespan. Pewdiepie gets 1.9K-26.8K dollars a day and gets 573K-9.2M dollars a year. Pewdiepie gets 31,834 subscribers a day and 11.3M subscribers a year. And finally, he gets 6,335,630 views a day and 2.3B views a day.

T-Series is an Indian Youtube channel with 63,592,538 subscribers, which is now the second most subscribed channel on Youtube after Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie produces music videos a few times a day. T-Series makes 350K a video, rounding last year at 7.9 Million dollars to 129 Million dollars a year. And averaging at 141,319 subscribers a day-week, and gets about 49.8 Million subscribers a year. And finally gets 31.6 Billion views a year.

What the conflict is between them is how T-Series is slowly gaining more subs and may get more subs in the next 3-6 weeks. How T-Series gets more subscribers than Pewdiepie at a fast rate is simple but not simple. How it is simple that T-Series gets more subs at a faster rate because when you make a new channel in India you have mostly all T-Series stuff. How it is not simple is why Youtube puts them on the number one recommended, this is that in India there is a big race to be the number one most used social media site in India, which would bring up their views a ton. How Youtube is competing in this war is making T-Series number one so India releases they could race to be the number one on Youtube.

So in 3-6 weeks, Pewdiepie may lose his number one mark to the Indian channel, Pewdiepie.