What Impacts Does Social Media Truly Have on Society?

Megan Watson, Staff Writer

Social media has a big impact on our world/culture. Overall, social media can be very fun, but unfortunately, there can be some dangerous and negative aspects of the internet. Many people have thirst for online glory and this leads to a rise in injuries and rescues. There are also lots of reasons why we have to be safe and aware of the dangers of social media.

People think likes and followers are so important because they want to brag and become more popular. They also want followers because they can get paid by the number of views they get.

Mountain hikers have recently been trying to do many things to get popular on social media. They are trying to get likes/views on Instagram and other social media sites by doing difficult stunts. People have been seen jumping into rocky lakes and breaking their legs just to get a photo for Instagram. This is a reason why you have to be careful and mindful about what you are doing these things for, in this case, social media.

For example, a person named Wilson Gaurin and his two kids, an eleven year old named Olivia and a twelve-year-old named Brandon, hiked to Hermit Falls in the Angeles National Forest, one of the most popular waterfalls in the Los Angeles area. A little while after Wilson arrived, he witnessed a man dislocating his shoulder by jumping into a rocky lake. Time passed and another man jumped into the lake, breaking both of his legs! Guarin said, “The cliff jumpers intentions were obvious: they wanted to get a video of themselves and post it to social media.” This is a big reason why people need to be more aware of the dangers that social media can bring.

“I don’t get why people have to draw so much attention to themselves on social media, let alone putting their lives at risk. I think that they are too focused on being famous and just want followers. They are doing it for all the wrong reason.” said Bonnie Campbell, a seventh grader here at Dana.

While looking and searching through social media, there are many things that can affect your mental health. There are a lot of negative effects on social media like cyberbullying/online harassment, impact on productivity, and the impact on privacy. The impact of that social media has on society goes beyond anything physical and extends to a huge impact on a person’s mental health.

Cyberbullying can make things harder for many people, especially people with mental illness. Mental illnesses are disorders that can affect thoughts, moods, and behavior. It doesn’t help when people bully and tear down their self-esteem. Most therapists warn young people about the social media aspects. Though, some therapists say that social media may help improve mental health by boosting self-esteem from positive people. There are two sides to one story.

While on social media, there is a big impact on productivity. Many companies and school districts have blocked social networks on computers because students and employees can get distracted on multiple sites instead of focusing on work. there can be a major impact on privacy when it comes to social media. When it comes to the internet, you have to be careful about what you post on your accounts. Harvard University recently canceled offers to a number of incoming freshmen because they had participated in a private Facebook group sharing inappropriate memes. Just know that from what they find, they will make decisions and judgments about you.

Overall, remember to be careful and aware of what you do for social media. It is not worth it to put your future in danger or try to become popular over social media.