Los Angeles Laker Basketball is Almost Here


Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Lakers hosted their Media Day on September 24, 2018 at the UCLA  Health Training Center. This is where players wear their brand new uniforms, get interviewed, and take pictures.

On June 31st, 2018, The Los Angeles Lakers came out with brand new uniforms that is supposed to mix the Magic Johnson era uniforms with the Kobe Bryant’s #24 era uniforms. The Lakers will have gold, purple, white, and black uniforms in the 2018 season. The black uniforms is supposed to be Kobe Bryant themed, as many Laker fans know, his nickname was the Black Mamba. Therefore, the Lakers black uniforms has the design of scales around the neck and shoulder area, as well as down the sides. The purple, gold, and white uniforms look the same. They have “Lakers” in the front along with the number in thick lettering with a white or gold outline below it. On the back it look the same except the last name of the player on the top of the number.

As many of you guys know, Lebron James signed with the Lakers on June 9th, 2018. The signing is worth 4 years, 154 million dollars. There was a lot of hype when he signed around L.A.. Along with the Lakers getting new uniforms, everybody wanted to see Lebron in a Lakers uniform. On Media Day, they got what they wanted. They saw him in his arm sleeve along with his black Lebron shoes. As many people know Lebron wore number 23 on Cleveland, and now he is wearing number 23 again on the Lakers.

Lebron James also had his first official interview as a Los Angeles Laker. When he was asked what his anticipation and his excitement was to play for such a young and talented team and organization was, he responded,” Well I think the excitement around the game for me in general no matter what uniform I’m in is…I’m just always humbled I’m able to play this game at this level. Um… I think we all know… and it speaks for itself… is that this franchise has been a historical franchise in this league for years. Um… you know… when we have to talk about the years they won championships…talk about the players who came through this franchise… has worn this uniform, so that’s an excitement in its own right.” As you can see Lebron really likes this organization and the franchise of the Los Angeles Lakers so he will have no problem fitting in.

Many Laker fans are getting excited for the season to come. Maybe you aren’t a Laker fan, maybe you are a Clipper fan,  a Hornet fan, a Warriors fan, a Cavalier fan, a Spurs fan, or a Celtic fan, you should definitely get excited for this season because it is going to be a good one!