The Power of Books

Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Books have always been a huge part of our lives, they were the start of every child’s imagination. Some have even started protests from it’s loyal readers.

On May 10th, 1933 The German Student Union burned books in both Germany and Austria. The books targeted for the burnings were books that were believed could cause rebellious acts while in school.

If someone is depressed, a book helps them travel to a different world where they can be themselves instead of having to wear the mask of makeup everyday. These books also send messages to their reader. For example, a message for a book could be “always have courage in yourself” or “accept the people around you.” The messages can really touch a person’s heart and the characters can change a person.

Out of all the books around us, there are some that are more popular with teens and young adults. Thee top three series that most of our students at Dana like are The Percy Jackson Series, The Harry Potter Series, and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.

In all honestly, we can not say which books are the most popular, since the choices of books seem to always change. Back in 2006, the most popular books were Twilight, Artemis Fowl, and The 5th Horseman. Books are also changing our perspective on things. Twilight examines a few different topics. For example mortality, isolation, and even fear are topics that a reader can discover by reading the book

Books have even helped people emotionally. For example, a student who has recently lost someone and does not know how move on from the pain, they might read a book about a character that is getting over a loss. You could even learn how to write your own book to help another person.

The first book to ever be created was The Bible in 1455, by a man named Johann Gutenberg. Johann Gutenberg was a blacksmith, goldsmith, writer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the first printing press. The invention of the printing press helped to make books accessible to everyone and people were greatly impacted by what they read.

Many books have caused different reactions from its readers to the point that some libraries have gone as far as to ban them. An example of a banned book is The Lord of The Rings. The reason this book is banned is because the book talks about witchcraft and magical creatures. This is the same reason why Harry Potter is also a banned book in many places.

Books are a big part of lives, and why not make them an even bigger part of yours. So every now and then pick up a good book and why not try to find the message. It might be something that changes you for the better and you may just become a loyal follower of your next favorite series.