LaCroix’s Little Lie

LaCroix's Little Lie

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

A new growing sparkling water brand LaCroix that has become very popular has been keeping a secret right under our noses, and have been filed a lawsuit for their untruthful nutrition label.

Most people think that nutrition labels are factual and truthful but, LaCroix decided that they didn’t need to make their nutrition label actually state the ingredients in the drink.

The nutrition label claimed that it had “natural ingredients” but when nutritionists carefully examined the water they found some shocking information, the “natural ingredients” actually contained an ingredient that is found in cockroach insecticide.

LaCroix has competitors such as Spindrift, Bubbly, San Pellegrino, and more who have gained business because LaCroix has lost tons of buyers because of their ingredient predicament.

Some people are fine with the label lie because it is not actual cockroach insecticide but it is an ingredient found in the cockroach insecticide. Seventh-grader Bonnie Campbell said, “Nobody thought it was gross before, I feel like it’s fine.”

Some others don’t agree with her.  For example, Ms. Lavia who pretty much drinks LaCroix every day said: “Wow I didn’t know that and that is pretty disgusting.”

The lawsuit was mainly filed not because it had the ingredient in it but it was filed because the nutrition label was not truthful. If LaCroix has just put all of the ingredients on the list they would not be in this situation right now.

But many people can see why they did not put it on there because they did not want to freak out customers and lose business.

Bonnie also said that “I would still drink the water even though now that I now know the ingredients because I am gross like that.” LaCroix has lost lots of its customers due to all of the news articles on the waters ingredients, but they have kept lots of customers still because they have the same opinion as Bonnie and don’t mind the ingredients.

So it is up to you to decide if you still want to drink LaCroix or to switch to the other brands.