Staff Spotlight: Meet Ms.Lipp


America Juarez, Staff Writer

Ms. Lipp is a 7th and 8th grade science teacher in the SAS (School of Advanced Studies) program. This is Ms. Lipps’ first year teaching here at Dana Middle School.

Ms. Lipp got her undergrad at UC Davis located in Northern California. UC Davis is known as the number one university in the U.S. for agriculture and has a biological science college. It offers nine majors in life sciences. Currently, she is studying to receive her Masters Degree at UCLA; one of the top universities in California.

When she was in college, she used to tutor her classmates. The idea of her teaching someone fascinated her. “I thought I could make a career, just by helping and letting them get that ‘aha’ moment,” she excitedly revealed.

Running is her coping mechanism to release stress. Watching meditation videos on YouTube also helps her relax. Her hobbies include hiking with dogs and drawing.

If Ms. Lipp didn’t make the big decision of becoming a teacher, she would have been a researcher. “I think I’d probably be working in some sort of biological field, like as a researcher,” she says. As you can tell, science grabs her attention because she would still pursue the study of nature and behavior of natural things.

The appreciated teacher was raised and born in the Bay area in San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay Area is a region in Northern California spanning the city of San Francisco and surrounding counties. Her mother was also from the Bay area. Her father was from Seattle.

Her  favorite book is Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and her favorite show is The Good Place.

Ms.Lipps’ most liked music genre is alternative rock. Some of her favored bands are Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 but she also loves rap. One of the musicians she adores is Chance The Rapper.

“Ms.Lipp genuinely cares about her students and when her students don’t understand something she will help you the best she can. She rarely raised her voice with us and she’s very understanding and overall a great teacher” 7th Grader, Sophia Castiano explains.

As you can see, Ms. Lipp is an amazing science teacher who has a passion for teaching students. Dana Middle School is lucky to have her.