Watch Out for Venom

The movie poster for Venom. Shows the main character Eddie Brock and symbiote Venom. Courtesy of Amazon

The movie poster for Venom. Shows the main character Eddie Brock and symbiote Venom. Courtesy of Amazon

Arianna Cau, News Editor

On October 5th,2018, Sony released the movie Venom, a movie based on the popular Marvel villain, Venom. Before this movie there has never been a movie dedicated a Marvel villain, only starring them. Because of this, this film has become different than usual comic book based movies. It is also a Marvel movie that has not been produced by Marvel Studios, it was produced by Sony, but still felt like a Marvel movie, secret endings and all.

The basic plot, without spoilers, follows journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). And after a failed interview with a big shot at a laboratory called the Life foundation, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). After that everything goes downhill for Eddie, from losing his job to being famously awful. Then months later he finds Venom, an alien symbiote that has bonded with him, literally. They then become the giant, inky, black monster that is Venom, fight some people from the Life foundation and the story moves forward from there.

What a lot of people do not no about Venom is his past and where he is from. Venom is part of the Klyntar race, which has the ability to bond to hosts, like we see in Venom, with good match to them. In Marvel history, symbiotes were originally created by the evil, primordial deity, Knull. They were created to kill the Celestials, who were evolving the universe, which Knull did not like. Then in the aftermath, they were ashamed of their past, and made it their job to be good. Fun fact, from this battle, came the birth of the planet Knowhere, which is a severed Celestial head that had been hollowed out by the citizens. 

Although some think it, the movie Venom in not a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) that Marvel Studios has created, it is part of a seperate Sony MCU.  Most likely in the same universe in Sony’s other Marvel movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Though it is very similar it the Marvel Studios movies, it is in a different movie universe. 

The ratings of Venom are on different sides. Rotten Tomatoes has it at a 31% fresh rating while IMDb has it at a 7/10. 8th grader Ashton Zuvich says, “It was decent. I think it could have been better. I didn’t like how like they kept switching from story to story.” when asked what he thought of the movie. The reviews of it are mixed and with all of the different opinions, you should go see it for yourself.