Robots Are Helping Humanity

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

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In 1954 the first robot was made, and now scientists are taking this innovation to a new level to replicate animals.

In many parts of the world including colleges, universities, and science centers, people create devices such as robots that can better the society. For example, in China, they have made a robot fish called the Mero. This robotic fish can go over 165 feet under water which will help explore the ocean without taking oxygen and has sensors to make sure it doesn’t fall into traps or getting caught on a fishing line.

Spot Mini is a robotic dog, although it doesn’t look anything like a dog, it acts and moves like a dog. The creators for Spot Mini says that “it only weighs 55 pounds plus 15 pounds of a hand that can be attached, it can go up and down stairs, it does all this by using sensors to get a feel of what around him.”

Another robot animal is the Cram which is a robotic cockroach, and yes you heard it right, they made a cockroach. As a real cockroach can, it can squeeze in tight places. From Dana Middle School an 8th-grade student named Aston says “that a robot like that will help a lot especially it will help the hurricane that has happened recently.” The makers of cram say that “with its thick shell and can withstand 900 times its body weight.” Students in UC Berkeley thought that cram can help in search and rescue missions squeezing into tight places.

All these robots have lots of things in common but the most popular one is that each and every robot has a mistake. Animals and humans are not perfect and neither are robots even though we can try to make them perfect we need the right mindset but there’s always a mistake. That’s what makes a human or animal what they are, they’re not perfect.

So many robots are being built to help humanity, but some robotic animals we don’t really have uses for them yet. Robots around the world can help human society like helping the army in wars or helping doctors in an ER. All robots come from some inspiration and more of that inspiration comes from the animal itself. Robotic animals can help humans interact and to bond what the animals do when no one’s watching. This will help us know the animal better before they become extinct.

Many people think that we need to stop science to help endangered animals and humans but we don’t, we can make robots to help humans and animals. These robots can help kids that are blind, or kids that are disabled. These robots can help by playing with the kid and entertaining them, also doing chores for the child, and playing with the child to make the

Science is helping save many lives that belong to humans and animals. There have been robots that get close to wild animals and watched them looking and all of there acts and behavior.

In conclusion, robotic animals are helping humanity and nature in the long run.