Trench: Twenty Øne Pilots’ Top New Album

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Trench: Twenty Øne Pilots’ Top New Album

Alyssa Mack, Business Manager

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On October 5th, 2018, alternative pop band, Twenty Øne Pilots, released their new album, Trench, online.

Twenty Øne Pilots is made up of two people, Josh Dun, the band’s drummer and backup vocalist, and Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, pianist, and bassist (he also plays the ukulele). The band originally had three members, Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. Nick and Chris had just quit and were replaced with Josh who had been the drummer for another band. Even though it wasn’t the two of them who founded the group, they make up a story about how they met every time they are asked.

Trench, is very big for Twenty Øne Pilots and their fans because they haven’t released an album for three years and they are also on a tour called The Bandito Tour. Even though they released their album this month, they have been dropping different clues to Trench for over a year.

The duo was only doing covers of songs until they released their studio album Regional at Best. Since then, they have released 3 other albums.

Covers of Twenty Øne Pilots’ last four albums

Trench is a very deep and meaningful album. There are 14 songs and most of them talk about subjects like the struggles of mental illness and dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies. 7th grader here at Dana, Adrian Ojeda, likes the album because of its message, “I think the new Twenty Øne Pilots album is cool because it talks about more touchy subjects than the last one.”

Most of the songs in and near the beginning of the album are very deep and some may say dramatic. There are a couple rap tracks. They have some reggae and beat drops. The music gets louder and more is going on. Yet, as we go on, the songs get softer with not as many beats. All of the music seems to be very bass heavy.

Certain songs are very different from the rest of the album. Some have completely different sounds then others like jumpsuit or levitate. Even those are very different, levitate being all rapped.

I won’t get into the deep hidden meanings because that is years worth of content but I will say that when you really listen to the songs and the lyrics you can see that the band is trying to help their fans and themselves.

So go on over to iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, or any streaming platform and listen to Twenty Øne Pilots’ new album, Trench.