Why Boys and Girls Should Be Raised The Same

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Why Boys and Girls Should Be Raised The Same

Samantha Brown, Editor-In-Chief

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In a world full of technological wonders, medical oddities, and mind-blowing discoveries, our world still is fighting against gender stereotypes/norms, an informal but worldwide trend that has affected every single person to live. In brief, you have been brought up into a world of gender stereotypes. Not only have these things affected your interests, but they may also affect the way that society perceives the very thing that defines us: our gender.

Currently, most kids have been taught from birth that there are two genders which are polar opposites. They have been taught that one gender is very girly, feminine, and they are usually seen as very weak and shallow. The other gender is very masculine, strong, and proud. Thus, it has been informed to them that the gender that you are born with is the gender that you need to portray to the world.

Willow Lisica, an 8th-grade student here at Dana says, “I think that they [both genders] should be treated fairly and not that three little boys can carry the table, boys and girls can help to carry the table.” Essentially, what Willow is trying to say is that both genders should be given the same opportunities in life, especially as children.

For example, if you were born a male, then you would need to act strong and show interests in things such as cars, dinosaurs, and the like. But, if you were born the opposing gender, you would need to show interests in things such as dolls, princesses, and so forth. This can be observed in places in media such as your favorite childhood TV shows or books.

For instance, let’s say you go to your local Target, and you travel to the child toy section. If you look closely, you can observe the gender barrier in between the aisles. One side has mainly princesses, dolls, and toys that are mainly meant for girls or are considered “girly.” But, the other side has mainly action figures, police dolls, and cars which are mainly targeted towards the male gender. Each gender is supposed to show interest in their section of the store, and if they wander into the other side, they are ridiculed from their peers and even their friends.

People were expected to act this way, but if they showed any characteristics of the opposite gender, they were considered odd, troubled, or annoying (see the previous paragraph for elaboration). An example of this is that if a boy cried or a girl was really good at sports, they were considered “different” and were most likely teased.

Not only is this odd, but this can cause a lot of stress among young children. Some kids may be miserable because they were forced to like things that have become gender norms instead of having the opportunity to explore things that they would be interested in.

Overall, the barrier between genders has been a major issue in our society which has a lot of controversy surrounding it. Not only is this issue odd, but it can cause many young kids to feel like they need to act a certain way to be accepted by their peers or family.