Fallout 76 Preview


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Fallout 76 is the new Fallout game in the Fallout series, and it’s not the 76th game, just saying. The game is the 6th game not counting the DLC and spinoffs, and I won’t count Tactics and Brotherhood of steel. Fallout 76 comes out on the 14th of November,2018.

What is Fallout you ask, Fallout is a post apocalyptic game which is the main character try to survive in the waste land completing their goal. In this quest to achieve their goal they join clans like the Brotherhood of Steel, which I personally don’t like. How to protect yourself to achieve this goal is making/finding guns. Guns are a big part of this game, some can be used for harmful stuff, and some are more weak than some guns like the Fat Man, a gun which shoots nukes. Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer Fallout game, so as you travel through the wasteland, you going to need guns with you squad.What do you use these guns against you ask, monsters and attackers. 


Some of the new monsters are Grafton Monster which is a monster which big arms and hands which destroys everything in its path. Scorch Beast, which is basically a dragon which breathes out big blue waves of energy out of its mouth. Different types of mutants different from the other games, mutants are big green monster which look like and orge. Crone, which look like a zombie. And there many other types of monsters in this games.

The way to attack these enemies are by gun and one handed weapons. Some of the melee weapons are axes, fire axes, maybe pitchforks, and your own arms. That’s not all the melee weapons, but just a few I found. Some pistols are the pipe pistol, 10mm, a magnum, laser pistol, and more. Rifles are some of the best guns to have in this game. Some that are in this game to use are the standard assault rifle, at least as standard as you can get after a nuclear war, laser rifle, gauss rifle, and many others. Shotguns are in my opinion the best gun in every situation except long range, some of them in this game are the combat and double shotgun. And my personal favorite weapons for messing around are the heavy weapons. Heavy weapons are used for everything, some in this game are the Fat Man, The Flamer, and Gatling gun, and many more fun weapons.

Another big part of this game is the armors like the power armor, which is this awesome piece of technology which is a big, metal, piece of armor. What i’m saying is you Iron Man when you put on the suit. The suit gets powered by a fusion core, which are expensive to buy and hard to find in the game. There is an awesome $110  power armor helmet which also comes with collectibles and other awesome stuff. Going back on topic, the powers are mostly unknown for this game. The T45, T51,and the T60 are most likely coming back to the game, but the X01 is really unknown, also for new power armors. Also there is most likely going to be in the game.

The map is of West Virginia, with the trees, mountains, and the country road. Sorry, I had to. The map is again, really unknow, but I you want to think about what is there is the capital of the USA.

One big feature is the shopping. Throughout your journey, you will find caps. Caps are currency in this game, like US dollars. The stores are used to by anything that they have, some come at a price.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L system, and upgrade system, change now to cards. The card are basically the same as Fallout 4, expect from a visual change. What does S.P.E.C.I.A.L stand for, it stands from Strength, Participacion, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. After gaining levels from getting xp you can upgrade these stages and get stronger stats, then go to the cards and get Special special stats from the special system, that’s a mouthful.

There are many parts of the game which have not been introduced to the common player, but I hope this gives you a idea of what the game is about.