Is Melania Trump the Most Bullied Person in the World?

Amelia Harrison, Staff Writer

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On October 11th, 2018 the First Lady, Melania Trump had said in a interview with ABC News that she is the most bullied person in the world.

Melania has started a ‘BE BEST’ campaign which focuses on well being, social media abuse, and opioid abuse. She chose this as her topic to first address as being, First Lady. She had mainly chose bullying because of her current and past experiences of bullying. Melania stated in a ABC News article, ¨Im the most bullied person in the world.¨

Melania has encountered many negative accusations such as not being happy with her marriage, living in the White House, and taking the role as First Lady. But when I had asked 7th grader Maiya Mejia her opinion on this and she had said, ¨Well it was her choice to marry that person and should have known what was coming.¨ In addition, she has also been given a lot of backlash for wearing a coat to see child detainees near the Mexican border saying ¨I dont care, do you?¨  This was very controversial because being in an area like that where it’s very vulnerable could be offensive. Melania had responded to this by saying, ¨It was not a message directed at children, but for the left-winged media who are criticizing me.¨

You might have even thought that the coat was enough. Well, she has also wore a controversial white colonial era pith helmet that goes back to the time when Africans were exploited by Westerners when she had went to Africa.  

So is Melania Trump the most bullied person in the world? It’s up to her actions to decide if she wants the negative feedback that she gets.