Staff Spotlight: Get To Know Mr. Salceda


Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

Mr. Salceda is a 7th grade STEAM math teacher here at Dana Middle School. Something that students may not know is that not only is he a math teacher, he is the San Pedro High School JV Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for the SPHS football team.

Mr. Salceda likes a variety of things from football, to baseball, to basketball, to hockey, and, of course, math. He also enjoys playing Pokemon and loves Charmander. For football, his favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. For baseball, it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers and for basketball it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. As a middle school student, he went to Dana.

Mr. Salceda was just hired two years ago as a math teacher and he has been doing great. He’s been in the STEAM program for a year. His philosophy of teaching math is that he makes teaching math fun. All of his students love his class and it is because of the way he teaches.

Most students see him as a friendly face who is there to offer his support. This is because they share a special connection with him over football. When he was asked what he likes better, teaching math or coaching football, he paused and said,” I love teaching math and I love coaching football so I have to split it down the middle.”

As you heard earlier, not only is he a math teacher, he is also a San Pedro High JV Football coach. After an unexpected change, Mr. Salceda took one for the team and took on the role of being the offensive and defensive coordinator. Imagine having the job of two roles on a football team and then having about 187 students 5 days out of the week.

Mr. Salceda is as popular as his students because works so hard for his students so that they can get a better education. He is a great teacher and I hope all of you get a chance to get to know him even if you’re not in his class.