Busy Bee: Are They the Best Subs?

Busy Bee the Best Sandwiches in Town.

Busy Bee the Best Sandwiches in Town.

Isaac Sharp, Senior Staff Writer

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Busy Bee market is definitely one of the better delis or places to eat in San Pedro. According to reviews across many trip apps or websites the general rating is always more than 4/5 stars. All these reviews say that the bread and all the ingredients are always fresh. And if you need some extra spice with your sub they add peppers with every one. My favorite is, and always will be, their meatball sub. It is a messy sub with lots of sauce and a variety of ingredients (pictured below).

Messy but delicious.

According to Johnny Jet this ‘hole-in-the-wall’ arguably makes the best hot sandwiches in Los Angeles, if not the planet. This market is located in a residential neighborhood on the corner of 24th Street and Walker Avenue. There’s not a lot of parking and there’s always a long line no matter what time of day you go. The line does move fast though, but you should call in to get in and out faster. This is definitely a great place to hit if you are just passing through, and will keep you coming back for their amazing subs.

The best sandwiches in town.

To almost every person in San Pedro Busy Bee is the place to go to get an easy lunch. Henry Martinez, a 8th grader at Dana Middle School says, “I love it even though I’ve only been once.” He then follows saying, “The food tasted good and the food is extremely filling.” I think what he means by that is that the subs at Busy Bee are so filling that most of the time even I can only eat a half of one.

Tessa Illeceas, another 8th grader at Dana Middle School says, “I like the chip section” and “I like the turkey sandwich.” The chip section, although not the main attraction, is extremely large. Most people usually have one favorite sandwich, which for Tessa may be the turkey sub. Now I’ve showed you my and a couple other opinions on Busy Bee, what do you think?

Outside of Busy Bee in San Pedro