ASL for Beginners


Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

Basic ASL


Basic american sign language or ASL is a crazy way of talking. You don’t even have to moving your lips. ASL started in the 1800’s and has been growing ever since. Many people don’t know what ASL is, but it has very big impact on people who cannot speak.  


Some of the biggest questions about ASL, for what is it used for? People use ASL to help the mute talk or someone who is deaf talk. Of course, these people can’t actually talk but they use these signs to express how they are feeling or show what they are thinking.

You may be wondering what the word ‘mute’ means. It simply means that someone can’t talk. But, there are 2 types of mute. The first is being physically mute. Which means that you can’t talk because of an accident or because you were born without the ability to talk. Then there is being emotionally mute. This means that you have been scared, depressed, or so mad that you have decided not to talk. You can be mute because of these reasons, but it’s not all bad because you can learn ASL and be able to talk to people without using your voice.

The ASL alphabet is easy to learn and you could even teach your friends. Below you can see the entire alphabet with clear signs, so you can spell your name and your friends. There are also numbers, so then after a run in P.E. when you are too tired to talk you could sign the time that you got.

Image result for the asl alphabet

After doing much research, I have found out that over 50 students have found the letter L easiest to sign because of the meaning “loser” to them.

In the end, ASL is fun and easy to learn. There are different places where you can go and practice. You could do it at home on the internet or you could sign up to take a class or start your own little club with your friends.