Get To Know Mr. Nava


Mireya Berrios, Staff Writer

Mr. Nava is Dana’s music teacher and famous band director. He graduated from the University of Southern California and played in the USC Trojan marching band. Mr. Nava has worked here at Dana Middle School for about 20 years.

As Mr. Nava was attending USC, he majored in music education, but his favorite part was being in the USC Trojan marching band. He said that he doesn’t really remember anything else but traveling with the band and having fun. Mr. Nava says, “Being in the USC Trojan Marching band, it was a huge part of my life and I think it’s where I spent the majority of my free and social time.”

Mr. Nava grew up in Inglewood, California and went to elementary and middle school there. He graduated from Inglewood high school and from USC. Before he started Music ED, he decided he wanted to write music for films. Until his friends who he was in a band with convinced him to start taking music ED so he could teach music.

In Mr. Nava’s free time, he likes to spend time with his family and go to Disneyland with his friends whenever he gets the chance. Mr. Nava explained jokingly that he can play all instruments! Mr. Nava says that favorite part of his job is “being able to take what we do in class outside of the classroom, meaning being able to travel, and giving students an opportunity to take our music, take our dancing, our choreography, and take our craft elsewhere.” And his favorite music style is classical, but he does like other types of music as well.

Mr. Nava says his inspiration for music comes from his spirituality and because his ability to play music is a gift. Luca St. Pierre, a trumpet section leader says, ”My favorite thing about Nava is how dedicated he is to this regiment  and how much he cares about each and every one of us and like our own personal lives, not just the band.” Bella Zapata, a band drum major, says, “My favorite thing about Mr. Nava is that he’s really passionate about music and that he really wants the band to succeed, and he also wants us to be better as a person.” Mr. Nava loves his band and he shows lots of appreciation to be doing what he does.