The Best Ramen Spot in Torrance: Ko-Ryu Ramen


Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

Who here likes a nice warm bowl of soup during the cold fall and winter season? If you are that person, then Ko-Ryu Ramen is the perfect spot for you. Ko-Ryu Ramen is a Japanese Ramen spot located on 24631 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505.

Ko-Ryu has an amazing atmosphere; it has a warm feeling inside with dim lighting, and the smell of the fresh food being cooked in the kitchen. It is so cozy and perfect for the fall and winter seasons. I am sure people have been to some competitor restaurants, such as Ramen Spott, Ramen Yamadaya, Ko-Ryu Ramen Grill (not the same place as Ko-Ryu), and many other ramen places. But, Ko-Ryu Ramen is the one that stands out to me. Not only because of the location, but because of the service and food as well. 

The service of the restaurant is amazing. The workers and chefs are so nice. Ko-Ryu has amazing customer service. So, if you order something and they bring out something that you did not order, they will kindly bring you what you ordered in replacement.

Now let’s get onto the food, which I must say is outstanding. I have never tried their appetizers or desserts, but I have tried their entree, which is their ramen. The ramen is really, really good. I always get their Miso Ramen. Their Miso Ramen is so good. When you bite into the soup, it is really warm, and you feel like you are in your house or in a cabin by the fireplace on a cold winter night. The miso tastes salty and earthy, but at the same time really cozy. If you know what I mean.

You can get the ramen with no spice, or with spice. The spice level at Ko-Ryu is from a scale of 1-5, five being the hottest. However, there are people who have gone higher than that. When or if you have visited this place, you might have noticed there is a wall of pictures that has a person who has finished a whole bowl of ramen. That wall is called the Wall of Legends. The Wall of Legends is a wall covered in many different pics of people who have finished the challenge of eating a whole bowl of soup that is hotter than a 5 spice level. There are people who have finished a whole bowl of ramen that is as spicy as a 15. That is really crazy. So if you like spicy soup or just spicy food in general, this might be a challenge for you.

What is so great about Ramen? Well 7th grader, Sophia Caserma, says, “I have never been to Ko-Ryu, but ramen is good to have when you are sick or when it is cold outside.”

So overall, I would recommend Ko-Ryu because it is perfect to eat at during the cold seasons, the service is out of this world, the food is outstanding, and there are lots of things to try out, like the spice challenge. So, if you are in the Torrance Crossroads, go check out Ko-Ryu Ramen Spot.