2018 World Series

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2018 World Series

Alyssa Mack and Amelia Harrison

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On Sunday, October 28, the Boston Red Socks won the 2018 World Series against the LA Dodgers.

This years World Series had 5 games that took place between October 23-28. The Dodgers unfortunately only won 1 game and the Red Socks won the 4th one making that the second world series lost in a row for LA.

The first game was exciting with a run in almost every inning at fenway park. Boston started with a lead and LA caught up. The score zig-zagged until the 7th inning when Edward Nunez had a 3 rn hit and brought the Red Socks up 8-4 for the win.

Game 2 wasn’t as exciting with another loss for the Dodgers. The score was 2-1 dodgers in the top on the 4th with runs from Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig for LA. In the bottom of the 5th inning the Red socks came back with 3 more runs making that their second win with a score of 2-4.

Game 3 was the longest game in world series history with a whole nother game worth of innings. This being their first game home, the Dodgers first win comes with a score of 3-2. Joc Pederson hits the first solo home run for LA and Jackie Bradley Jr. for Boston. One more run for each team in the 10th inning the the last one for the dodgers in the 18th at 12:30 by Max Muncey.

The 4th game was a loss towards the Dodgers. The score was 9-6 which means the Boston Red Sox had taken another win. This was a very exciting game for the Red Sox fans but not so much Dodger fans.

The 5th and last game of the world series was a big time for Boston Red Socks fans. The last time the Boston Red Socks had won the World Series was October 27th, 2004. The score was 5-1 which means Dodgers had taken another loss.

Asking the students of Dana why they think the games turned out the way they did one 7th grade STEAM student, Cash Valdes, says, “I think that it came down to the dodgers coaching and they just were not making the right calls at the right time.” Another 7th grader, Adrian Aldama, had a different thought, “My opinion is the Dodgers got overly confident after their win against the Brewers. They weren’t prepared for the Red Sox’s talent throughout their lineup.”

Overall, the World Series was a very exciting event especially since the Red Sox and Dodgers haven’t played in the World Series since 1916. It was a sad time for Dodger fans with a second World Series loss but a great time for Red Sox fans.