Energy Drinks Made For Gamers, But Are They Safe?


Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Gamer Fuel is an “all natural”, energy drink created by Gamma Labs. The drink is made for gamers who want to go the extra mile or pull off an all nighter with their friends.

When Gamer Fuel had been announced, the first customer was in fact a professional esports player. Gamer Fuel causes an immediate increase in your energy, focus, and endurance without the use of chemicals, which is exactly what the esports player wanted.

CEO of Gamma Labs, Clifford Morgan, says the formula they made for Gamer Fuel is perfectly healthy and all natural, but what about all that caffeine. The amount of caffeine Gamer Fuel contains, is the equivalent to three cups of coffee. Although this is “very unlikely to kill someone”, Clifford Morgan says, it has in fact put multiple children in the hospital.

The caffeine in gfuel does make it a danger, but the rest of g-fuel ingredients are healthy. One of the healthy ingredients included is Choline. Choline is produced by the body to burn fat and easily dissolves when in water. Choline helps with your heart health, your brain function, and your liver function.

Even though some have been harmed by Gamer Fuel, the question still arises, is it healthy? Students, customers, and even doctors say G-fuel is very unhealthy, especially since most of the buyers of this product are children. Other customers and students disagree with this and believe Gamer Fuel is huge help when playing RPGs or when in a competition. Even doctors have advised against consuming too much caffeine and sugar, both of which are in energy drinks. Research by these doctors have also proven that even adults should have only one serving a day.

Gamer Fuel takes about ten to fifteen minutes to kick in, and depending on how much you drink, G-fuel can last to about four to six hours. What many say to be the best part, is there is no crash whatsoever once the Fuel wears off.

Knowing all of this information, many still buy this product, and others refuse to buy. Now that you know this information, as well as what other people think of this product, would you buy this product?

6th grade STEAM student Ozvaldo Alvarez and 8th STEAM student Ivan Alvarado gave their response on whether they thought G-fuel was healthy or not. Mr. Alvarez said, “ I think it’s a good way to enhance your energy for something you need to do  but you shouldn’t overuse it”. Mr. Alvarez believes G-fuel is a healthy product, but many people are misusing it.

After Ozvaldo Alvarez was interviewed, Ivan Alvarado gave his point of view, “ I wouldn’t have G-fuel, because I would rather not have to deal with the bad outcome it could have on me in the future”. Mr. Alvarado disagrees with Mr. Alvarez and instead believes G-fuel is a very harmful product which could hurt you in the long game.

Many others agree and disagree with both Mr. Alvarado and Mr. Alvarez, but its seems this topic is debatable no matter what. Several people will still think G-fuel is healthy and others will always disagree.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else says though, what do you think? Is G-fuel healthy or risky?