Lime Scooters: Are They Safe For LA?



Lime Scooters have been showing up all over Los Angeles. Courtesy of TechCrunch

Arianna Cau, News Editor

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Lime Scooters have been showing up all around Los Angeles, but are they safe?

Lime scooters have been showing up in the media for accidents that have been happening recently in the U.S. Some have been the riders fault for not following scooter safety laws and others were actual accidents. All have ended with injuries. This makes it a question of safety, are the scooters safe, or stupid? Are the riders not following basic scooter safety?

Lime was founded in January of 2017 and came out in June 2017 with the Lime Bike. A rented bike that you could put anywhere and put them at the University of North Carolina. Then they expanded to South Bend, Indiana, Key Biscayne, Florida, California, South Lake Tahoe in July 2017. They continued to grow and partnered with companies like Segway and Uber. Then in April 2018, Lime came out with Lime Scooters.

Lime does well in other places, but how would they do in LA? Los Angeles is known for traffic and that is due to the population of 4 million people. Drivers in LA usually spend about 44 extra minutes driving due to traffic. According to CNN,  Los Angeles is also a very car heavy state, having more cars than New York City and London combined. Considering this, how many scooters would be part of car accidents? How many will break? How badly will the driver be hurt?

Not all things about Lime Scooters are bad. For example, they are fairly cheap to use. All you need to use it is a free phone app, and pay 1 dollar per trip and 15 cents each minute, or 9 dollars each hour, you want to ride. They are environmentally friendly, and according to the Lime website, with a battery that can last 20 hours, unlike most cars and you can park them anywhere. They are also useful for people who don’t have cars, and who don’t want to walk.  

Since Lime started, there has been a number of accidents. According to ABC, a woman in San Diego going downhill on one of the scooters, broke her hand, as well as a big bruise on her thigh and scratches all over her, all because the brakes were not working on the scooter. Others have suffered worse. According to The Washington Post, a man died because of an electric scooter incident.  

Everything with a good side has a bad side, like the Lime Scooter. With the option that Lime has given users to put the scooters anywhere, people leave the scooters lying on the ground. There have even been the Lime scooters lying outside of Dana Middle School and San Pedro High School. As well, the scooters, as mentioned previously, have gotten into accidents, which are dangerous.

According to the Entrepreneur website, they are powered by lithium batteries, which have been proven can catch on fire. There is also an age restriction on the scooters. According to the Lime website, you have to be 18 years old and have a driver’s license to ride any of their bikes or scooters.

In conclusion, this is a predicament. With a scooter that can burst into flames, the good thing to do is to get rid of the scooters or have some more safety involved. Also, with all of the accidents happening, people should learn more about the scooters before they decide to ride one.