Migrant Caravan Headed for US Border

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Migrant Caravan Headed for US Border

Sicily James, Staff writer

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Updated 12/10/18: On November 27th hundreds of migrants attempted to cross the border into the United States. Migrants tried to enter at three locations near the border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico. That’s when the tear gas was released by the military.

The agents were told by Donald Trump, to set the tear gas. Trump had said that the tear gas is very safe. Trump had said that “They had to use the tear gas because they were being rushed by very tough people and they used the tear gas and is the bottom line nobody’s coming into our country unless they come in legally.”

Tear gas is a type of chemical that causes irritation to the eyes, that can cause very serious health issues, for example, chemical burns, and nerve damage can possibly cause death. Most of the damages from tear gas is temporary it wears off after 30 minutes to an hour.

A Lot of the migrants have children. They were nearly choking on tear gas, parents trying to save their kids, some even got lost because you’re not able to see in the tear gas

Tear gas was first used on December 19, 1915. It was soon claimed and identified as a chemical weapon and banned for use in warfare due to its severe symptoms.

Since president Donald Trump ordered all migrants trying to cross the border should be caught The migrant caravan crowd keeps growing Trump had made statements about the migrant caravan trying to cross the US Mexican border.

There are approximately 2,000 children out there with their parents trying to cross the border. The kids have walked a lot with their parents, some are even barefoot. The migrants do not want to stay here forever, they just want to work here and make money. One of the migrant workers had mentioned, “Their plan is to send the money back to their families so when they go back to their hometown, they won’t be poor”.

Donald Trump calls the migrant “Harden Criminals”, one of the reporters have asked Trump what evidence he has about migrants being “Hardened Criminals” but he doesn’t answer with a full response he backfires and tells one of the reporters, “Oh please, please. Don’t be a baby. Take a look,” Trump responded. “Look at what’s happening. Look at the Mexican soldiers that are laying on the ground. Take a look. These are hardened criminals. I didn’t say in all cases, but in many cases, these are hardened criminals.”

On Friday, soldiers reinforced the international bridge in Hidalgo, near McAllen, in the first wave of up to 15,000 troops that President Donald Trump has said will help secure the southern border. They are conducting drills and putting up chain-link fencing topped with barbed wire.

Some migrants are chancing it on taking their kids with them. Some people are getting their kids taken away and they understand that there is a high risk of losing their child. This thought is scary but they understand that it is a possibility.

The numbers of migrants have gained people walking with them for a while now. There are mostly many women and children in the caravan. Most of those traveling with the caravans have been peaceful and migrants traveling through the southern state of Oaxaca on Friday said they are not looking for trouble. There is no say on when they will reach America.