Real Life Mario Kart Ride At Universal Parks And Resorts

Hera Serna, Staff Writer

Mario has been a part of everyone’s life for a long time. Everyone has grown up with him, even the people who didn’t own a game system. It never mattered what happened or who you were, Mario was a hero.

Mario Brothers was first released in 1983, with the two characters we know today, Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi are two brothers who ventured through the sewers and land in order to save the most famous princess, Princess Peach.

Nintendo then made one of the most popular games, Mario Kart. Mario Kart was released in 1992 and brought so many smiles from its players. Nintendo then made even more Mario Karts and this game got bigger and bigger every day. Mario Kart has now gotten so huge in the community, Universal Parks and Resorts has begun construction for their new project of the Mario Kart ride.

This project started with a new race track ride made in Japan as a new attraction for their Super Nintendo Land. Universal Parks and Resorts then thought this idea was perfect in order to bring out those gamers from the shadows, and started construction right away. This project could go bad or it could be good for business depending on the kind of people it’s attracting and how great the ride really is. So in order to see if this ride will be successful, an interview was had with Dana Middle School 6th grader, Robbie Rivas.

When asked if he thinks Universal Parks and Resorts will be successful in making this ride, Mr. Rivas responded with, “Yeah I mean it’s Mario Kart. Mario Kart is really old I mean it’s legendary, and I think a lot of people will like it. Especially people who like Mario Kart. I think it would be a pretty good idea for business, in my opinion I usually like driving around in a kart”.

After the interview with Mr. Rivas another was made with 8th grade Logan Serna. When asked the same question as Robbie Rivas Mr. Serna answered with, “Yes, because Mario Kart is a popular theme amongst children and adults alike”.

Both Robbie Rivas and Logan Serna agree with each other when asked if they think Universal will make a huge success. From the answers given, this new ride will be a huge success for Universal and is a new thing for everyone.

As always, Universal Parks and Resorts never seems to disappoint us with their rides. Universal has always been Disney Lands rival, but maybe it’s time Universal beats them to the top.