Stan Lee Passes Away at 95


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Stan Lee is an iconic person who has done much stuff throughout his life. He wrote, he created heroes, but most important of all, he inspired all. But on November 12, 2018, at 9:17 am, he passed away.
All over the news, was him. He seemed like a person who would have never died, everyone liked him, but he did.
Who was Stan Lee? Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922. In 1941 he started to work for a small industry known as Timely Publications, now known as Marvel. He created many superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and many other iconic superheroes.
Stan Lee was known for his comics, as you probably know, but what was special which his comics? What was special is the story he put in his characters, giving them a life which is not just a person who fights bad guys, but a person who lives a normal life.
How Stan Lee died was from heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.
Stan Lee’s first comic was writing filler for a Captain America comic. He wrote many other famous comics throughout that time, like the Radioactive Spiderman, and wrote until around his death.
What his death did to other was making people sad, except those people celebrating on Reddit, but that’s not the point. The point is that one person can mean a lot to a person, and when they’re gone, it can be sad. Stan Lee showed many the wonders of the Hulk, the stories on The Amazing Spider-Man, and many more. He will live in our hearts forever and never be forgotten, Excelsior!