Which Is Better: College Football or NFL?


Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

One thing that the football world has been arguing for years is which one is better, college or NFL football. This has been an argument all over the USA for years but we will focus on the years from 1995-2018.

The argue about which is better has been going on for years and people still cannot get to the bottom of it. Some people say that College football is better, but at the same time, some people say NFL is better. For example, Adrian Aldama, a 7th grader here at Dana says that NFL is better,”I definitely prefer NFL because i feel that college doesn’t have enough faith in their quarterbacks and kicker because college doesn’t really throw it deep down the field and if the ball is on like the 30 they won’t kick the field goal.” As you can see, Adrian prefers NFL because more action happens in the NFL than College Football. On the other hand, Mr. Salceda, a 7th grade teacher here at Dana says,” One thing that college football is better is the fact that there is more of a rivalry in championships and things in that sort. For example, there is UCLA and USC, Michigan and Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson, and the iconic game Army-Navy game.”

The main difference between College and NFL is that college player don’t get paid like NFL players do. That is one reason why people say that college football is better. Some people say it is better because the players are playing because they love the game compared to some NFL players who mostly play for the money. From 1995-2000, the average NFL player salary increased by 49 percent. Every year, the average salary for a NFL player went up every year except for 1997. This shows that the NFL players every year want more and more money. Another main difference is the rules. College has a little easier rules says Adrian Aldama,”Also, the goal posts are wider in college football and I think that is worst because if you start practicing kicking in NFL posts you would become more used to it if you get drafted. It is also a big transition trying to get two feet in bounds instead of 1 foot for college.”

One way that NFL is better is as Adrian Aldama said earlier, there is way more action. The highest percent of passing rate in College football, is held by Washington State and it is 69.93%. The highest in NFL is held by the Minnesota Vikings and they have a 70.53%. This shows that the NFL passes more than College and that means that there is a higher percentage of interceptions and catches which makes the game way more fun and exciting.

Now, one way College Football is better is because as Mr. Salceda said earlier, College is more a rivalry than NFL. The players are more mean than in NFL, especially when it comes to rivalry games and that is totally fine. In football, you have to be a little mean. Specifically like the Michigan and Ohio State rivalry. Those teams absolutely hate each other on the fieldImage result for michigan and ohio state fights gif

 but when they are off the field, they have respect for each other. Other teams consists of UCLA and USC, Arizona and Arizona State, Florida and FSU, Oregon and Oregon State, and then Washington and Washington State. As you can see, every one except Michigan and Ohio State, is from the same state. That is huge factor as well.

Now, this up to you, which is better? Is NFL better? Is College? Are they the same to you? Can you even decide? You can do some research yourself at home, but I hope this helped make up your mind.