CNN Outraged As White House Takes Away Press Pass

Trump pointing towards CNN's Jim Acosta, accusing him of

Trump pointing towards CNN's Jim Acosta, accusing him of "fake news" Photo courtesy of

Aytana Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

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President Trump engaged in one of his most direct confrontations with a reporter at the white house on November 7. After his confrontation with Jim Acosta from CNN, Trump took away their press pass, meaning that CNN no longer had the clearance to attend White House press conferences.

The White House revoked CNN’s press pass due to a heated confrontation between Jim Acosta, CNN’s top White House Correspondent, and President Donald Trump. Acosta questioned him about his rhetoric on immigration and deployment of troops at the border with Mexico. Trump told Acosta he should “let me run the country.” When Acosta tried to ask further questions, Trump demanded he sit down and give up the microphone. Acosta refused.

Jim Acosta wasn’t the only reporter that the president sparred with that day. Peter Alexander from NBC defended his CNN colleague. Trump responded, “Well, I’m not a big fan of you either.”

On November 19, the White House backed down and fully restored Acosta’s press pass. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement to reporters, “We have also notified him [Jim Acosta] of certain rules that will govern the White House press conferences going forward.”

Even though Jim Acosta’s press pass was restored, it might leave us wondering if this will happen again?