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This picture shows all the different colors of the new iphone and the two different cameras

Kaley Sutrin, Sports Editor

Apple’s latest invention, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus have recently been released to the public. On September 16, many people rushed to the doors of Apple, and many other phone companies to get the new and improved iPhone that has had many people talking about it. There are apparently many new improvements from the other models of iPhone that people have many different opinions about.

Apple has managed to push the limits again by impressing the public with yet another version of the iPhone. However, this one has some new features that none of the other versions have. First, the new AirPods. These new form of earphones are completely wireless and connect automatically to your phone after you set them up. As Apple states, “AirPods are automatically on and always connected… They can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out.”

These AirPods can even can even connect to Siri. With a quick double tap on either of the AirPods you can talk to and ask Siri any questions without even touching your phone. On the down side, the AirPods do not come with the new iPhone and cost around $160, and won’t be released until late October.

Apple's new wireless airpods
Apple’s new wireless airpods

Apple has also managed to make other new and improved features about the iPhone. For example, the iPhone 7/7 plus are now splash and water resistant. The iPhone 7 plus also has a new and improved camera system. The camera is supposed to have some new qualities that the others didn’t have. These qualities include two completely different cameras. There is going to be a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera. The telephoto camera can get really high quality pictures from far away. Another quality of the iPhone 7/7 plus is the better display and color. The new iPhones include two new colors. One is a new black with a matte finish while the other is jet black. The screen is now going to be 25% brighter and have a wider range of  a coloring.

The new iPhone has many other small details that have been added to its design. One example includes the fact that it will have the longest battery life out of all the iPhone designs. It is also expected to be two times faster than iPhone 6. The sound has also changed, such as they have added stereo speakers to help increase the volume.