Pegasus: A Series That Will Make Your Mind Soar


Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

Get ready to soar through the skies with Emily and Pegasus in the Pegasus series by Kate O’Hearn. Published in 2011, this book will sure make your minds fill with curiosity, and you will for sure not want to put this series down.

This book was written by #1 best selling author, Kate O’Hearn, and is a series of six books in total. The Flame of Olympus being the first book, is about a New York City girl named Emily and a winged horse Pegasus (Pegs) for short.

Pegasus lands on the roof of Emily’s apartment in Manhattan, New York with an important mission to bring her to Olympus, the home of the Roman Gods. Along the way meeting a boy named Joel, who is obsessed with drawing pictures of the Roman Gods, and other Olympian friends. But there is trouble with a secret agency called The CRU, who is trying to find out about Emily and her Roman friends. Will Emily make the decision of her life and protect the ones that she loves against the CRU, or will she make the Gods perish and let her friends die in the hands of the CRU.

Kate O’Hearn made this series completely by an accident, but little did she know that the mistake was gonna be a bestseller. According to Kate O’Hearn, “The idea came to me a couple of years ago, and all by accident. A friend asked me if I would ever write a book about horses. I responded, No, not unless it was Pegasus, as he’s my favourite stallion in the world.’ After that, the idea just spread like wildfire until it became Pegasus and the Flame. I think I owe that friend a big ‘Thank You!’”

But, why is it important for authors to write about Mythology? Well, 7th grader Maddison Cooper says, “I feel like it’s sorta important for authors to write about Mythology because it shows readers about other beliefs, and it has interesting stories that might hook readers in.”

In the end, Emily and Pegasus will continue to soar into the hands of readers all across the world, and will continue to be their favorite series. So, if you like a book that has humor, action, adventure, fantasy, mythology, and a little bit of romance in a book that is not to long, I would recommend you read The Flame of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn, because it will make your mind soar.