World’s First Flexible Phone

Nikko Doughty, Sports editor

In december of 2018 a new phone prototype was displayed at a tech convention in beijing, china. The phone prototype was from a company called royale. they wanted to make a phone that also folds into a ipad, they called it the Flexipad. Now since the convention they have been playing around with the design and features. The middle of the Flexipad is flexible and half of the screen turns off when you flip it into a phone.

Now true question, is the Flexipad worth the money. Let’s start off with the cost. Now on eBay they sell it for $1,875.00,

now that is a lot of money. Compared to like an iPhone XS Max or something from Apple it does not look like it is worth it because the Apple iPhone XS Max has a big screen, Face ID, and lots of other fun features. Also even the creator of the Flexipad said that it could barely fit in his pocket because when you turn it into a phone it’s so thick. A 7th grader named Scarlett Barrios said “ So I think that it is a waste of money because it probably looks like it is too big and then because it’s expensive.” I agree with Scarlett because even the creator said some bad stuff about it.

So in my opinion I do not think that it is worth it.