Computers: The New Pencil and Paper

More and more machines are starting to take their place in classrooms!

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Kelly Yoshimura, News Editor

More and more machines are starting to take their place in classrooms! I have been working with so much technology in class it is almost unbelievable, have you?

Technology is starting to appear more and more in classes, especially at Dana MS! Many of my friends and teachers agree that technology in the class makes assignments more interesting. Technology has been a big part in a student’s academic life.

Mr. Seiple, the Technology Coordinator at Dana MS see computers as the new pencil, “I want a computer on a student’s desk to be as normal as a pencil and paper,” and they are! Everyday I come into class, I take out a computer and start typing, it’s almost automatic. 

A normal day in a magnet class.

Kelly Yoshimura
A normal day in a magnet classroom.

Magnet classes and even honors classes have incorporated more and more technology into assignments. While in English, History, Math, and Science classes, students are also learning typing and general technology knowledge. This is an important and useful skill to learn especially at such a this age.

Mr. Seiple's Digital literacy class.

Kelly Yoshimura
Mr. Seiple’s Digital literacy class.

Mr. Seiple believes technology is important and almost necessary to learn because of our technology driven world, but he also does believe “there is a time and a place for technology in class.”

Technology is advancing and schools are advancing with it!