The Legacy of Boxing



How boxing is currently shown on television. Courtesy of BBC

Arianna Cau, News Editor

The sport of boxing was invented back in ancient times, and over that time, it has become a popular sport that many people enjoy.

Boxing, if you don’t already know, is a sport where two people get into a ring and fight each other until one of them gets knocked out of the ring or goes unconscious . It was played in places like, Asia Minor, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, and Thebes. The first documented game of boxing was in England, when a duke had a match between his butler and his butcher. Following that match, boxing became a very popular game in England. It was popular through the 1700s and the 1800s, and then in 1867,  the Marquess of Queensberry rules, written by John Chambers, were added. This included the weight class system, as well as the gloves. In 1904, it was made into an Olympic sport, and in 1993, the UFC was founded.

You might be thinking, “Why do people even like boxing? It’s just two people fighting each other.” Well boxing is not just two people beating each other up, there are certain rules to make it the engaging sport that it is. Similar to wrestling, there are rules during the match so that there are turning points making it entertaining. Yes, it is still a fight, but the rules cause the match to make it more interesting to its viewers.

Boxing has been around for a long time, and like any other game, it has rules. The biggest one is the weight class system. It was made to put boxers into different categories, and to make it so a boxer that is considered an heavyweight, won’t fight a boxer who is considered an flyweight. Another large rule is protective gear. Boxers have to wear mouth-guards, boxing gloves, and boxing shoes in order to be safe.

Some male boxing champions are Jon Jones, who is a light heavyweight according to the weight class system, and who got his belt at the end of 2018. There is also Robert Whittaker, who is considered a middleweight on the weight class scale, and has had his title since June of 2017.

Some female boxing champions are Amanda Nuñes, who is currently dominating the women’s featherweight and women’s bantamweight categories.  She has held her featherweight belt since the end of December 2018, and bantamweight belt since July 2016. There is also Rose Namajunas who has reigned over the strawweight category since November 2017 and Valentina Shevchenko who has had her flyweight belt since December 2018.

People have enjoyed boxing for a long time, so why not check it out as well.