Going Wild: A Crazy Book with Crazy Powers

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Going Wild: A Crazy Book with Crazy Powers

Alyssa Mack, Business Manager

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Going Wild, a novel by Lisa McMann, is about a girl who gets special powers from an athletic bracelet that she got in the mail.

The book is an amazing novel that was published by HarperCollins Publisher and written by a New York Times bestselling author.

Going Wild starts out with the main character, Charlotte/Charlie Wilde, and her family moving out of their old house in Chicago to the “suburbs of Arizona.” As they leave Charlie finds a box that is for Charlie Wilde which could either be her or her father, Charles Wilde. Once she eventually opens it she decides that it was for her since she is going to soccer tryouts at her new school and it is and athletic wristband.

Later at Charlie’s practice she is doing great while running really fast and making multiple goals, until she gets kicked in the leg. Her leg was hit pretty hard and they think it could even be broken but a bit after that it looks better and even the next day it is all healed. The whole healing process was very fast, but unusually fast. The book goes on with her having super speed, such as her running to her seat so fast her made he table skid, and super strength, like carrying a full bed in her own. Soon enough she and her friends find out that she has powers of animals; cheetah speed, elephant strength, and starfish helping powers, and they are all coining from the bracelet.

The rest of this amazing book is about the three friends trying to figure out why Charlie got the wristband and and how to control it when she can’t get it off.  

I think the book is really a good because it has a lot of adventurous aspects of it. There are many things that happen spontaneously that make the book really fun to read.

7th grader Katherine Ethridge loved the book because it is, “sciency and exciting and it would be cool if it were real.” I personally agree with Katherine. The book would be amazing if it were real and if it had a movie it would be awesome. This book is also part of a trilogy so there are two more books you could read once you finish the first.

Going Wild is a great book that will keep you at the edge of you seat and I know you will love it.