Plastic Straws Being Banned


Sonia Valencia, Staff Writer

Plastic bags have been banned in California, are plastic straws next? In Starbucks, plastic straws will be banned across America by 2020. There are many other places that aren’t allowed to give customers plastic straws as well. There are many important reasons to this. This will be a huge change to Starbucks Companies across America.  

Starbucks is working on replacing their plastic straws with sippable lids. They are doing this because of two important reasons. The first reason is because people with disabilities, may not be able to sip out of a straw, so Starbucks is making the change. You may be wondering, what about drinks with whipped cream such as frappuccinos? So for those, they are going to be using paper straws instead of plastic.

Another reason they are replacing plastic straws with sippable lids is because of the safety our ocean life. Since some waste such as plastic straws go into the ocean, ocean animals such as sea turtles don’t understand that it can hurt them because they are clear. Most of the time the effect is harming, in which the plastic straw gets stuck in their eyes. If they use “sippy lids” instead of plastic straws, less of our ocean life will get hurt. Starbucks executive officer Kevin Jhonson says, “For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways.

Starbucks is not the only company changing their business strategy.Restaurants are doing the same thing, but a little bit differently. In California, restaurant waiters are not legally allowed to give you a straw unless you ask for one. If waiters give their customers a plastic straw without them asking, they can get in trouble. They can be fined or they can receive jail time. Jail time can go up to 6 months and they can be fined 1000 dollars.

I asked some questions to Bonnie Butler in Grade 8 about the topic, and this is how she feels about the change, “I think that what is happening is very important, and what they are doing can help so many people and our sea turtles. If I could make the change, I would.” California and Starbucks Companies are protecting our ocean life and helping lots of people. Despite mixed feelings it seems our society is headed in a eco friendly direction.