Escape Room: A Movie Full of Suspense

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Escape Room: A Movie Full of Suspense

Megan Watson, Staff Writer

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Escape Room, a movie directed by Adam Robitel, was released on January 4, 2019 and made in South Africa. This movie is a 2019 original horror film.

Escape Room is about 6 strangers traveling to a building to experience the escape room. A game where you have to complete/solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000. What starts as just a normal escape room, it begins to turn into a nightmare as they discover each room is a trap.

They first started filming the movie in August 2017 under the title, “The Maze”. Later the producers changed the title to “Escape Room.”

In May 2018 it was announced that the film was in production and would be released on November 30, 2018. A month later the film was pushed back to February 1, 2019. The final release date was moved to January 4, 2019.

Filming took place in South Africa in late 2017 through January 2018 and the film is 1 hour and 39 minutes long. It is available to watch on Amazon Prime/Amazon Prime Video.

Many people have mixed opinions on this movie. Some think Escape Room was too predictable and found themselves knowing how it was going to end before it actually ended. They also thought the plot was very similar to the SAW movies.

Others say this movie was very good and they found themselves sitting at the edge of their seats for almost the entire movie. They also said they enjoyed the casts acting and that it was a fun and fast-paced thriller. Though, it is not too gory or scary so people wouldn’t have to worry about that.

“I thought Escape room was good but a lot of times it was really predictable.” Gina Cuesta, a seventh grader here at Dana stated her opinion on the movie.

In my opinion, I thought the movie had good acting and wasn’t too predictable. Though, sometimes I did find myself knowing what was about to happen in some parts of the movie. Besides that, I thought Escape Room was a good movie.