Worst and Best Dressed at Golden Globes

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Worst and Best Dressed at Golden Globes

Amelia Harrison, Staff Writer

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Worst and Best Dressed at Golden Globes 2019

On January 6th, 2019 the 76th Golden Globe Awards took place. Other than the awards itself, the Golden Globes is mainly about the fashion.

This year a lot of men have expressed themselves from more than a suit and tie to capes and sequins. For example, Timothée Chalamet with his Louis Vuitton harness which ended up being a sparkly and sequined bib. Another great example is Billy Porters cape. Billy Porter has stepped out of the typical guidelines for fashion but him. Both men ended up being some of the best dressed for men at the Golden Globes for 2019.

The Golden Globes is also a great way for women to step out of their comfort zones or try to top what they did the last year. Here are some of the worst and best dressed of the Golden Globes Awards 2019 according to The Dana Mariner newsroom.

Worst Dressed:

Anne Hathaway took the leopard print trend and had to take it to a whole other level, but not the good way. It seems as if it’s too much leopard print. 

Kate Mara’s gown included  fabrics that clashed and the top was just unflattering.

What comes with the bad also comes with good. This also goes for the Golden Globes outfits as well. Best Dressed:

Lili Reinhart (Riverdale actor) made ruffles cool again.

Timothée Chalamet makes Louis Vuitton bibs a thing.

Sandra Oh is an amazing actor who makes a statement with a beautiful white gown styled with bracelets.

Gemma Chan (of Crazy Rich Asians) is showing her style with a beautiful outfit. We love the material and the way it shines.


Lady Gaga shows off with a stunning dress. The design includes balloon sleeves and a gorgeous long train makes a beautiful statement.


The Golden Globes Awards are always a source for people to be elegant and show some of their best looks and creativity. This is one of the main reasons why people tune in each year. In fact, sometimes people look forward to the fashion more than the show itself.