Did Funko Reveal a Big Secret?

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

Warning: Possible spoilers for How To Train Your Dragon 3. Proceed with caution.

Funko pop is a popular pop culture toy brand that might have released a major spoiler for the How To Train Your Dragon A Hidden World Movie. The pop that Funko released was a night furry and a Light Furry baby which might hint to Toothless and the Light Furry having kids that are mixed, they called them Nightlights.

Did Funko pop really release a spoiler for How To Train Your Dragon 3 or did they just make a fun new pop? Although, there is no real way to tell until the movie comes out in theaters most fans are going to be mad because a big toy company just spoiled the final movie in the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy.  Well, a 7th grader Michella Infantozzi said “It is not right for a big company to try to possibly reveal secrets like that” and many others probably agree with her.

Funko is known for making fun movie character toys that are supposed to resemble the actual characters. But in some cases Funko makes rare or limited edition pops that are special like gold or modified to look different than the character.

Could pop have just made a mix between night fury and Light Furry? Well, it is possible because after the trailer for the new How To Train Your Dragon movie they released new night fury and  Light Furry pops. They do not sell the nightlights on the Funko website but Funko does sell them on their Amazon page. I am sure that many people have made fake pops that are supposedly “real” but they cannot officially use the Funko name because it is trademarked. So, it is official all right because it is trademarked.

So, it is possible that Funko spoiled one of the biggest secrets in the How To Train Your Dragon series. Also on Amazon, you cannot purchase them yet from Funko you can only pre-order them to be shipped on March 29th, After the movie comes out.

But if I am wrong, people are probably going to go into the comments and say “Wow u were wrong!” and if I am and someone says that my response is yes, it was not a 100% chance of being correct so yes I was wrong. So, in the end, Funko is possibly just a big movie spoiler.