AirPods? Worth the Price?

AirPods? Worth the Price?

Emerson Marquez, Opinions Editor

AirPods have become somewhat of a staple in today’s internet and electronic culture, whether you love them or hate them, you have to honestly admit they’re pretty cool.

AirPods were released back in September of 2016 with the iPhone 7, and even after some time of their release they are still considered a revolutionary piece of technology. Some features of the AirPods include: They can sense when they’re in your ears and so when you take them out your music automatically stops. Obviously, they are wireless and connect to other Apple devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac and being wireless makes the sometimes annoying task of untangled the balled up wires of earphones obsolete. And finally the battery life, they can last 5 hours without a single charge and if you use the AirPods with the charging case it can bump up that number to 24 hours. The AirPods have more features that make them so different from other listening devices but those are the ones that seem to be the most important.

Although, as always there is a but, and this but may be a big one to some people and maybe no deal at all for other people. And this but is the price tag if the AirPods. Currently, on Apple’s website, a pair of AirPods and a charging case cost 159 dollars. The argument can go both ways by saying that they are too expensive. Some people may say that since they have so many features that the price tag is worth it, but other people may say that since they are so small they should have a smaller price. But enough with what I think people would say, what do Dana students think about the Apple AirPods.

8th grader Brooklyn Nixon who is also a AirPod owner brought up a couple of good points when she stated, “I think they’re pretty cool but they are really expensive although I feel like they’re worth it because their easier to use and because they don’t have wires so they don’t get as caught up and tangled as normal earbuds. Also, they have really good quality as far as sound.”

When I asked eighth grader Walker Anger what he thought of AirPods he said, “I’d say it’s halfway worth it [to buy AirPods] because they have decent sound and they block noise from the outside pretty well. I mean I don’t own any but I have tried them before and their decent quality but definitely not worth the price.”

And 7th grader Donna Reza was pretty blunt when asked what she thought of AirPods, “I think AirPods are too big and they’re way too expensive.”

Besides whether you think AirPods are worth it or not a new rumor has emerged that Apple may be releasing AirPods 2 sometime in 2019. We know this because of some trademark filings that Apple has submitted, and some of these trademark filings have a focus on health. So it is now being said that the Apple AirPods 2 may be able to track your health like the Apple watch. But the rest of the features are just rumors that have no backing so that’s all we have to go off from right now. Again, I would like to see Dana students opinion on the AirPods 2 and more specific what new features would they like to see.

7th grader Amelia Harrison said,” I think they should be waterproof and maybe they can add more ways to connect the AirPods to different devices.”

8th grader Brooklyn Nixon told me, “I think they should have a feature where you can turn up the volume on the AirPods and you don’t have to turn it up on your phone.”

8th grader Faith Perez, “I feel like they should make cool designs on them or something and I feel like some of them should light up like sketchers.”