Are Chicken Nuggets Safe to Eat?

Are Chicken Nuggets Safe to Eat?

Alyssa Mack, Business Manager

Throughout the months of January and February 2019, food companies have recalled chicken nuggets and other chicken products due to rubber, wood and allergens that are not listed on the product but have recently been found in the nuggets.

Companies like Tyson Foods and Pilgrim’s Pride have taken back thousands of pounds of chicken that were found contaminated with rubber. Other companies like Taylor Farms and Perdue foods have products that don’t have allergens stated on them. Perdue also had wood particles that were found in the chicken nuggets. Since so many children have been eating chicken nuggets, these products are real health hazards.

7th grader, Savannah Johnsen, had a thought on the topic, “I think the people who care about their health need to know that this chicken is bad for you.” Luckily there has been no reports of consumers getting sick or having health problems because of the chicken but people need to know what they are eating and what’s inside.

Another thing that makes this news even worse is that all this chicken has just gone to waste. Alone, the Perdue company took back about 8000 pound on chicken. With the other companies doing the same, there are millions of pounds of food being wasted.

Even though all this happened and people were mad, most people got their money back. The people were informed by the companies that if they had those chicken nuggets or chicken products of group that was contaminated to either throw away the bag or return them to the place that they bought it at.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only food recalls that have been happening. According to the USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture, there have been many recalls throughout the year of 2018 starting in May, but the food take backs have been multiplying as they get closer to today.

The chicken that has been reported to be contaminated has been taken care of but if you find any suspicious pieces of something that looks inedible, don’t eat it and let someone know.