The Massive Failure of the Super Bowl Halftime Show


Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

On February 3rd, 2019, the Super Bowl Halftime Show aired, and it came with many disappointments, from bad performances, low energy, to the lack of Spongebob airtime.

The halftime show opened on a very disappointing note, being Maroon 5’s performance, although those on instruments don’t do a bad job at all, it’s Adam Levine that manages to ruin the performance through his off key singing. Said singing is something that continues to remain prevalent throughout the entire performance, and doesn’t manage to improve until maybe halfway into the last song of the entire set. The first part of Maroon 5’s contribution to the show ends with a guitar solo from Levine, one that manages to come across as extremely corny and forced.

However, after this, there seems to be a glint of hope, hope that the millions of cries from the internet to honor Stephen Hillenburg’s passing by playing Sweet Victory at the Super Bowl were heard. But it doesn’t seem like the huge effort from the online community led to anything but a quick five second snippet of Spongebob that achieves nothing except surprising us by leading into yet another horrible performance in the form of Sicko Mode.

Sicko Mode by itself of course isn’t a very bad song, in fact it’s a pretty great one that achieves a lot through it’s psychedelic production and decent performances across the board. But there’s a few important elements missing from this rendition of Sicko Mode. One being Drake, and the other being Travis Scott’s autotune.

In fact, we learn that Travis’s autotune is very important for him to create a good live performance because his attempts at rapping sound more like trying to talk while out of breath than any rap that I’ve ever heard. And just when you thought the performance couldn’t get any worse Adam Levine manages to ruin something once again when his corny guitar riffs make a return.

As Sicko Mode ends the next phase of the performance comes in the form of Maroon 5’s Girls Like You which is a bad song even when Adam Levine’s singing isn’t flat, and honestly it’s exactly what you’d expect after the rest of the performance.  In other words it’s bad.

Then we get the only good part of the performance as a convertible slides into view and we see Big Boi, who not only revives the OutKast hit The Way You Move but he does it with as much of his signature smoothness then he would’ve back in the 2000s. The only real disappointment here comes in the form of Andre 3000 being missing from the performance.

But of course the fun is ruined as Maroon 5 closes the show with more off key singing as they perform their last couple of songs.

“I didn’t like the halftime show because it didn’t have that many good artists, and I felt like there could’ve been better artists,” says 7th grader Dylan Matlock.

Overall, the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show was a huge disappointment. It fails in a lot of ways but the main reason it was so bad was the performances from almost every artist involved from Maroon 5’s lack of energy and bad vocal performances to Travis Scott’s out of breath rapping. Looking back at beloved Super Bowl Halftime Shows we see one common theme, compelling performances that entertain the audience from artists that have a lot of energy when performing live and that’s exactly what was missing in the most recent Super Bowl Halftime Show.