Your Favorite Valentine’s Treat Might be Gone


Megan Watson, Staff Writer

Necco, the company that makes sweetheart candies, mostly sold around Valentine’s day, is abruptly shutting down.

The owner of the company that makes a bunch of candies such as Sweethearts and Necco wafers, has unexpectedly shut down operations its Massachusetts plant and hasn’t said if production will resume.

The Boston Globe has reported Round Hill Investments and LLC announced it is selling Necco’s brand to another manufacture and closing down its Revere plant.

According to the Boston Globe, Round Hill did not confirm Necco’s new owner. The closure was a shock to all of the 230 workers at the plant as they were told to “pick up their final paychecks on Friday.”

The company had recently purchased Necco $17.3 million at a bankruptcy auction in May. Necco had filed bankruptcy protection in April.

“In my opinion the sweetheart candies were never good but I always like the messages that were written on them. I think it will be weird not to see them around this year,” says Noelia Suarez, 7th grader at Dana Middle School.

Necco, or New England Confectionery Co., was the country’s oldest continuously running candy company until recently

“I remember pretending to be happy when I got some of those candies on Valentine’s day from my friends in elementary school. In my opinion, they didn’t taste that good but the main point of them were the messages on the top so I still took them. When I think of Valentine’s day those candies are one of the things I think of so it will be weird to not get any this year but other than that, I don’t really care.” says 7th grader, Jessica Mancha.

While Necco hearts confirmed they will not be selling this year, they did confirm that there is a chance of them selling the candies in 2020.